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Fishing Kayak Stand

"Great for Rigging" Thanks to Jim Sammonds for the thumbs up on the  suspenz™ Fishing Kayak Stands used for rigging his kayak while filming the 2nd season of The Kayak Fishing Show -WFN / WFNHD and Kayak Fishing Tales WebTV.

Kayak, Canoe & SUP Storage Racks & Carts
Wall Storage              Free-Standing            Create Your Own           Ceiling Storage
Portable Boat Stands   Double SUP wall or free-standing storage option      
   Portable Boat Stands       SUP Storage Racks         Transport CARTS             Accessories             
Kayak Storage Racks designed for
Easy Loading and Unloading by ONE person!

SUP & Kayak Storage Rack
Create YOUR OWN rack for 
2 SUP  & 1 Kayak on Casters! 

Supending your SUP's on UV-resistant webbing to cradle the boards with your kayak resting safely below 
on the EZ Racks
Both include Safety Straps! 

2-Kayak Free-Standing Rack 
Standard or Marine Grade

Durable, space saving side-storage leaves you with more room and is good for your kayaks.  We've made our storage racks adjustable to fit all your kayaks or canoes.

Kayak Storage Rack for 2 Kayaks 


Kayak Storage Rack for 3 Kayaks

Wall Racks mounted to wooden 4"X4" posts
Standard or Marine Grade  
Safety straps are built into all our storage racks to hold your kayaks firmly in place-  one more security feature made just for you.


Rolling Kayak Storage Rack -2 Kayaks  
Rolling Kayak Storage Rack
for 2-Kayaks

Moving your kayaks just got easier. The Rolling Kayak Storage Rack is sturdy and rolls effortlessly while fully loaded with kayaks or canoes. 

  Great set-up for 2 kayaks on the front-side of the rack, and for 1 or 2 SUP on the back!
   2-Kayak Storage Rack with SUP on back side


SUP, Canoe and Kayak Storage rack in ONE
 Options, Options & Options!

Keep your kayaks at the highest level of performance with proper storage. Racks 5-7 kayaks, SUPs or canoes on sturdy racks. Fits all size kayaks or canoes. Add Roll-on Caster Kit to move your fully loaded storage racks.

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