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Fishing Kayak Stand

"Great for Rigging" Thanks to Jim Sammonds for the thumbs up on the  suspenz™ Fishing Kayak Stands used for rigging his kayak while filming the 2nd season of The Kayak Fishing Show -WFN / WFNHD and Kayak Fishing Tales WebTV.

Customer Feedback

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"We have received our new 2-Boat Free Standing Rack. We have assembled it, that was so easy to do. It looks great and also appears to be of a very good quality. This storage system gave us so much space under our carport. We can’t stop adoring it.  Thanks for your patience and an easy and pleasant transaction. Delivery was super fast, faster than many of them within Australia. I wish there are more retailers with the same business morale. All the best luck to you and to your colleagues."    Regards,  Daniella and Derek Gill   Perth, Western Australia

Well, I'm here to declare it: SUSPENZ is the best thing since sliced bread. I purchased the 1-Boat rack to store my Prijon Kodiak. The instruction booklet was clear and complete. Installation took 45 minutes, and went without any problems. I slid the boat into place, make a few adjustments and it was done! I would recommend this as the gold standard of kayak storage. Well done!"
Jerry Anderson, Bismarck ND


“ I set the racks up and it took me approximately 1 hour.  I first laid everything out on the floor to take inventory, then proceeded to easily assemble the components.  The instructions were thorough and clear and the quality was tops.  Now I can feel secure in knowing that my fishing kayak and touring kayak are well protected and stored.  These racks are pleasing to the eye, feel quite sturdy and are very functional.  Personally, I can't think of anything I would do to change or improve these kayak racks.  You've done a terrific job and it shows.”  Steven Cardozo, New Jersey 

"That was amazing. I am 40 years old and in my entire adult life I have never had customer support like this. Since the internet took off as the place to shop I have gotten used to the company that is far away and has automated response to emails. So Sunday afternoon I write an email that I have a minor problem and could your company help. I get a phone call less than thirty minutes later. And that call wasn't even from a customer call center in India. No, I got a call from Georgia from the president of the company. And she took the time to walk me through the problem on the phone. 
I want every company to act like this. Where can I write a review for your company? Everybody should know about this top quality product. It went together in about ten minutes per pair of racks. It fits perfectly. When your company makes kayaks, let me know cause I'm buying. When your company makes anything else let me know, cause I'm buying. All companies should care about their products and their customers this much. I can't praise your company enough."  Paul Kauffman, New Jersey

"I just wanted you to know that I received the rack. I set it up and put two boats on it. One is a Wilderness Systems Northstar and the other is a Perception Eclipse 17. That's over 150 pounds. I could not be more pleased with your product. I am impressed with its ease of setup, quality and versatility. I've been looking for a rack system for two years and as soon as I saw yours I knew I needed to look no further. Keep up the good work!"  William Perry

"Suspenz has created an excellent product! I have a 2-boat free-standing rack and am really enjoying it.  My boats are safe and secure at the back of my garage without disturbing the use and storage of anything else. You have designed a very functional, easy to use product that is cost effective and protects my investment. You also have excellent follow-up to ensure satisfaction, which is the mark of a great company. Thanks again!!"  Bob N. New Jersey

“Recently purchased  a 1-Boat Rack… Could not be more pleased! Installed easily, does the job of storing a boat, perfectly.  Now holds my 20 ft. surf ski.  Will definitely buy again.  Such a good feeling to buy a product that lives up to its billing.”  Fussy in Massachusetts

“The  rack arrived (10-8-07)... we have installed it (very easy) and could not be more pleased. This thing is great ... recommend it to anyone storing boats at home.”  Dan McNitt, Edmond, Oklahoma

 "I've had the 3 boat rack up in my backyard for close to 2 years, holding 1 Dagger 16.8' sea kayak, 1 Perception 17' kayak and 1 Wilderness Systems 14' SOT kayak.  A nice heavy load, but it supports the boats very well.  Even with a child and two dogs running around it I feel 100% confident that it'll stay up right and protect everyone and everything.   The strap and cradle system hold the boats secure and at zero risk of boat deformation.  I like that feature a lot."  Karl Fritzsche - Sr. Product Manager, Easton/Bell Sports, Santa Cruz, CA.

“I initially purchased the floor stand unit for two of my kayaks.  It worked so well I went ahead and purchased the extension.  Now I have a wall of kayaks in my garage and they take up little room, now I can get both my cars in without any problems.  The instructions were excellent and it only took me 15 minutes to get everything put together.  Adjusting the straps took some time but once you have them adjusted they are set.   Ordering from Suspenz was a very pleasant experience.  They kept me informed when the order was received and when it shipped.  This rack system is solid and it was perfect for my storage needs."  Rob McDonald, Colorado Springs 

"The Suspenz Kayak Storage Rack, for two kayaks, that I recently purchased, features: simple assembly, durable construction, attractive design, portable kayak friendly storage, ease of use, and out of the way storage options.  I store my kayaks in a condominium association garage.  Other kayak owners have commented about the design, along with how the storage system showcases and protects the kayaks.   I recommend this system to anyone who is interested in a great way to store their kayaks."   Eric Uitvlugt, CEO, Exxel Engineering, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"I have had my wall mount rack for almost two years (bought it at a New Jersey Kayak show), then purchased another boat a couple months ago and my first thought was - I need another Suspenz Rack in my garage fast - and I got it!  It is so easy to take my boats off and on the rack and with my other prizes (a motorcycle) directly underneath my boats and my SUV next to it - everything/everyone is safe!  The racks were very easy to assemble and still today very easy to use with the cool loading feature, especially with my bad back.  I would recommend this rack to everyone, it is easy to use and my boats are protected while in storage!" Paul Hajjar, Bergenfield, NJ

"We have a large, two-person kayak and are very space-challenged when it comes to storage.  We're across the street from the water, so we wanted something that would be easy-access and not take up much room.  The Suspenz free standing rack was the perfect solution for us, and the boat takes up almost no room, is literally tucked between the house and our deck, perfectly balanced and suspended with the simple strap system.    Plus, I love the options it affords us if we add to our kayak family in the future.  What a great, inexpensive solution. To all my kayaking friends --you have to get one of these!"  Lisa Moody, St. Petersburg, FL

"We keep two kayaks in the garage when we are not on the water. Our Suspenz racks provide the ideal storage solution. Suspenz racks are well made and very sturdy, yet easy to move and position for optimum space utilization. It is very easy to get the boats on and off the racks, and the kayaks are perfectly cradled in the straps every time. We highly recommend the product." Walt and Marybeth Froh, Manatee County, Florida.

"This is the dream racking system. With a three car garage and a  six person family you can only imagine how limited my space was for  my kayak and canoe. The freestanding rack allowed me to get my canoe out of the elements and kayak off the garage floor. The construction and ease of assembly is amazing. If you are looking for a storage  rack, Suspenz is the only one." Jeff Simpson, Leo, Indiana. 

"When I purchased two kayaks, I was faced with a storage problem.  On the side of my house, I had a four foot wide walkway that seemed to be the only place to store them.  I started to search the web, with an idea of what I was looking for, but no one seemed to have what I envisioned.  I came across the Suspenz web site, and found the answer to my problem.  Now I have two feet to access my shed, and I have a quality storage system to house the Kayaks.  The quality, design, appearance and the simplicity of storing kayaks so as not to damage or deform them is priceless.  Simply put, this is a well thought out and quality product, that I would recommend to all of my friends."   John "JJ" Jones,  Anaheim Hills, California 
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