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Fishing Kayak Stand

"Great for Rigging" Thanks to Jim Sammonds for the thumbs up on the  suspenz™ Fishing Kayak Stands used for rigging his kayak while filming the 2nd season of The Kayak Fishing Show -WFN / WFNHD and Kayak Fishing Tales WebTV.

Deluxe Features Up-Close
Load-assist Pivot Arms helps you load & unload your kayaks or canoes.  
Place your boats onto our heavy duty webbing and watch the pivot arm do the rest.

NO extra lifting over the end of the arm!
Kayak loading on racks 
kayak suspended on strap
Racks for storing kayaks
free standing kayak storage racks

Pivot-arm can be locked
in the upright position
for added safety. 

Arms adjust every 2”
on the vertical post,
allowing the racks to
fit any width of a
kayak or canoe.

Includes Self-leveling Feet
& Anchoring hardware for
high risk (i.e. windy) environment.

Use is optional.



Indoor or Outdoor Use.

√ Load-assist pivot arms for easy loading and unloading.

√ Heavy duty UV resistant straps to cradle and protect hulls.

√ Vertical/side storage of kayaks for best protection against hull distortion.

√ Vinyl coated tips on pivot arms for extra protection against nicking.

Adjustable to the width, depth and length of your boats.

√ Reinforced safety straps for added security and to hold your boats firmly in place.

√ Sturdy rack construction to keep you and your boats safe when not in use.

√ Compact side storage system saves space.

√ Expandable and portable.

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