All suspenz™ racks are designed for side storage of your kayak, the strongest part of the hull.  The suspension racks cradle the kayak on nylon straps providing protection from hull distortion and damage.  While the Pivot-Arms hold the boat in place and assist during loading and unloading.

Shop by Boat Type

Shop by Boat Type

Fishing Kayak Stand

"Great for Rigging" Thanks to Jim Sammonds for the thumbs up on the  suspenz™ Fishing Kayak Stands used for rigging his kayak while filming the 2nd season of The Kayak Fishing Show -WFN / WFNHD and Kayak Fishing Tales WebTV.

Kayak Storage Racks
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The SUSPENZ™ Kayak Storage Rack cradles and protects
your investment by SUSPENDING your boats.
w Eliminates damaging dents, flat spots and hull distortion w 
Such a great rack, it earned a Patent w Only ONE PERSON needed to load!

This rack is expandable and adjustable to include all your future kayaks!

Outdoor Kayak Storage Racks

Rack consists of 2 Towers using a 24" x 24" Base.  Pictured with Anchoring Hardware. Securely mount your rack to your dock or floor.

Kayak loading on racks 

Self-Adjusting Pivot Arms allow Easy Loading and Unloading on SUSPENZ™ convenient, safe and secure storage rack. Your kayaks are suspended on sturdy nylon straps, distributing the weight and protecting them from hull distortion.

    Wall Mount Kayak Storage Rack  Wall Mount Rack  Wall Mount rack       

SUSPENZ  is proud to introduce our easy-to-load, safe, solid, 1-, 2-, or 3-kayak Storage Racks.    They are sturdy enough for commercial use, yet user-friendly enough for home use.

Floor or Wall  SUSPENZ™  racks are available as wall mountable or free standing units.  They can be used indoors or outdoors and provide safe storage for the garage, patio, dock, boathouse or even as a sales display for kayaks.  There are 3 options for storing your kayak(s): 

Patented Automatic PIVOT ARMS  open and close so one person can easily load and unload boats!  The evenly distributed weight and shape of the boat magically creates the perfect fit every time because your kayak is suspended where no hard surface ever touches the hull.  No more awkward lifting, warping or flat spots!   Your kayaks are effortlessly stored on their side edge (the strongest part of the hull), which helps eliminate hull distortion.

Sturdy Steel Construction.    SUSPENZ™ racks are made of commercial grade, powder-coated steel with durable UV-resistant nylon straps.   Your SUSPENZ™ rack has sleek black bars with safety yellow for high visibility and the steel pivot arms have a vinyl-coated tips to protect your kayak from getting accidentally marred.  

SAFETY is our Most Important Concern.
Safe and Secure    Never worry about those windy days again!  SUSPENZ™ provides safety for your kayak – and most importantly, for you.  Safety is designed right into the storage rack.. To ensure a secure, stable rack, we always include leveling feet and anchoring hardware.  Finally, there are sewn-in safety straps and a Locking Pivot Arm that provide additional safety and security.  Safety straps hold your boat in place, so it cannot be accidentally knocked from the rack.  Easily and safely loaded by one person.

You work hard. You play hard.   No more wasting time getting on and off the water with our easy-to-use racks.   These storage racks are in stock and going fast!   

SUSPENZ™  Keeping Your Gear Action-Ready™... 

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