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Fishing Kayak Stand

"Great for Rigging" Thanks to Jim Sammonds for the thumbs up on the  suspenz™ Fishing Kayak Stands used for rigging his kayak while filming the 2nd season of The Kayak Fishing Show -WFN / WFNHD and Kayak Fishing Tales WebTV.

Suspenz Customer Photos
Customer photos with the SUSPENZ™ racks....

Outdoor Kayak Garden 
Wall Mounts on wooden posts in a mulched garden

Kayak Garden - Wall Mounts

Outdoor Kayak Garden  

Saving space in an apartment! 
SUP Racks mounted ceiling high, boards are removed from the side with ease.

SUP Wall Mounts

SUP Wall Mount Racks

Kayak / Fishing Boat Stands 
Hobie Outback resting on the stands and cradling the hull perfectly!

Hobie on Suspenz Boat Stands

Hobie Outback on stands  

Crafty Michigan Paddler rigged the rack to fit on the OUTSIDE EDGE of his dock.
Kayak Rack mounted on outside edge of dock Free-Standing posts mounted to edge of dock Details of rigging to outside of dock 

Wall Mount Racks mounted under a deck on its support posts at Pine Mountain Lake 
near Yosemite, holding 2 Ocean Malibu 2XL Kayaks.

Kayak Rack on deck supports Wall Mount Rack on deck supports   

Golf Cart rigged with SUP Storage Racks      AND      SUP Storage Racks rigged on a Pontoon Boat (repainted to match boat) 

SUP on Golf Cart

SUP storage rack on golf cart SUP storage rack on pontoon boat

Delray Beach FL- Kayak on Wall Mount Rack 

Delray Beach Club

Delray Beach Club   

1-Boat Free Standing Kayak Rack on dock in Florida
Kayak rack on dock Kayak Rack on Dock in FL   

3-Boat Free Standing rack in a NY boat house (with an Adirondack Boat on the bottom!)

3-boat free standing kayak storage rack

3 boat free standing kayak storage rack  

3-Boat Free Standing rack at Precision Sports in Oshkosh WI  (with a cargo box in the center!)

3-boat free standing kayak storage rack

3 boat free standing kayak storage rack  

Secured to post on beach  Wall Mount Rack, NY
Kayak Rack on Beach in NY Wall Mount Rack on beach

Scull Boats on Free Standing rack at a Ragetta in the Southeast
24' to 32' skull on rack 3 skull boats on rack

2-Boat Free Standing Rack on dock near downtown Madison, WI
2-Boat Free Standing rack on dock Outdoor Kayak Free Standing Rack   

2-Boat Free Standing Rack for Hobies (this rack has an Extension Post Kit for extra height)
2-Boat Free Standing rack with expansion posts Side view of Hobie on free standing rack   

2-Boat Free Standing Rack on dock Canandaigua Lake, NY
2-Boat Free Standing rack on dock outside free standing rack on dock

Kayaks outside on dock

Custom Build  1-Boat Free Standing Rack 
Custom 1-Boat Free Standing Rack Homemade Free Standing Rack

2 Kayak's on a dock...wish I was paddling!

2 Kayak's on a dock...wish I was paddling!

Very Cool! Custom EZ Rack install.

Very Cool! Custom EZ Rack install.

The owner is looking at his handy work...LOL
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